Brenda Anderson, Elementary Integrated Curriculum Specialist Montgomery County Public Schools
Laura Evans Supervisor, Elementary Integrated Curriculum Montgomery County Public Schools
Driving Questions?

Do you have questions about driving questions? For example, have you ever wondered....what is a driving question? Or, how do I use driving questions to guide instruction during an inquiry? Then we have a session for you! Come and learn how questioning promotes thinking and academic success skills. Learn how student generated questions lead to ownership & originality in writing. Engage with your colleagues to discuss how questioning enhances student learning.

Lori M. Carter - Instructional Specialist Prince George’s County Public Schools
Shari Blohm, Supervisor, Media Services, Prince George's County Public Schools
Library Media Common Core Crosswalk: Take the Path Toward Successful Integration!

Our comprehensive Crosswalk for Reading/English Language Arts integrates the Common Core standards, AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner and the Maryland Common Core. Learn how this in-depth look into the standards can illuminate your district’s ability to create lesson plans that are distinctive across each grade level and connected to the standards. The document can be used to add depth to your teaching or used for effective collaboration. Participants will leave with lesson plans connected to standards and Framework for Teaching.

Mega Subramaniam - Assistant Professor & Associate Director of Information Policy and Access Center University of Maryland – College of Information Studies with Stephanie Flaherty - Graduate Student University of Maryland – College of Information Studies and Christine Caruso Hafer Graduate Student, UMD, 2nd grade teacher, MCPS and Sereena Hamm (UMD Alumni)
KEEP CALM and Carry on with Math in the Library

The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) value integration of technology in mathematics—positioning school librarians as critical collaborators for mathematics teachers. We demonstrate such symbiotic collaboration by sharing co-developed lesson plans, examples of technology use in mathematics and an extended AASL-CCSSM Crosswalk that connects dispositions to mathematical practices.

Cynthia Mapp - Director for Children's Educational and Library Sales, Penguin Random House
Sarah Wingfield - District Sales Manager, Children's Retail, Penguin Random House
Unpacking Titles for Common Core and More

Who is writing informational text for your Common Core needs? Are you familiar with Candice Fleming, Albert Marrin, Kathleen Krull, Tonya Bolden, and Deborah Hopkinson? Examine titles aligned with your Common Core needs from these authors as well as other new and upcoming titles.

Penny Foster - Media Specialist Century High School
Oh, The Joy of Reading! - Make Reading Fun in Your School Media Center!

Learn about new and innovative ways to spark the excitement of leisure reading in your students. Techniques will include student contests, lunch activities, afterschool programs, and some classroom lessons with a different approach to book talks. Ideas can be used in both middle and high school. Leave this session with great ideas for both middle and high school students,