Waterford Ballroom
Gene Ambaum, Unshelved
Graphic Novels from the Inside

Gene loves comics and will show you why, demonstrating the unique power of this amazing medium. Comic fans will leave excited to read new titles they've never heard of and non-comic fans usually feel better about the medium. Includes a chance to vehemently disagree with the presenter!

Merriweather Room
Erika Harris, Margie Simon and Raymond Wang
From Advanced Placement to Parallel Enrollment: How A High School Media Specialist Collaborates with A Community College Instruction Librarian on A Student Research Project in An Honor’s History Class.
High School

This presentation discusses the collaboration between a high school media specialist and a community college instruction librarian. The collaboration was conducted through an 11th grade US history class offered by Perry Hall High School. The presenters will chronicle the details of this multi-year collaboration and discusses the logistics in bringing high school students to the community college classrooms.

Laura Hicks
Everything old is new again!
Elementary, Middle, High

No need to rewrite your lesson plans to include new apps and web tools. This presentation will give you 25 ready-to-go ideas for projects that are updates and improvements on your current go-to applications. Get fresh ideas for multimedia products that your students can make on their tablets, laptops or PCs.

Waverly Room
Rebekah Kaufman, Mary Beth Bauernschub and Sarah Roark
Reading is a window into the world.
Elementary, Middle

Meet this year’s list of fifteen wonderful picture books and 10 incredible 4-6 chapter books. Members of the committee will provide an overview of the nominees and tips for running the picture book program in your media center.

Oakdale Room
Nick Glass
Teaching Books
Library Collaborations that Infuse Multimedia and Authors into Your School's Literacy Work

Join this session to learn ways to infuse multimedia author and book resources directly into your library programming and collaborations with teachers to stretch all readers’ understanding and connection to the books read in your school. Experience how seamless it is to incorporate award-winning authors into the classroom, to excite readers with video book trailers, and to have at every teacher’s disposal ready-to-use lesson plans about the books in the K-12 curriculum. Common Core, text complexity, Black-Eyed Susan, and 1:1/BYOD connections will be emphasized. NOTE: Nick Glass, founder of TeachingBooks.net, is presenting because more than half of Maryland schools subscribe to this service -- but everyone attending this session (subscriber or not) will leave equipped to deeply engage readers and teachers with multimedia connections to the texts and literacy activities in their school

Belmont Room
Alyssa King and Catherine Mairs
School Librarians and Data Analysis: Using Edline to Target Information Literacy Skills

School librarians continue to be part of the literacy equation and need technology tools that assist with assessment and data analysis. Edline surveys support media specialists in their instructional role. The MS can better identify student needs and measure student improvement based on a more informed, individually-tailored approach.

Temmara Room
Michele Forney - Media Speicialist High Bridge/Seabrook ES
Integrating Art through History of George Washington: The George Washington Teacher’s Institute at Mount Vernon

Delve into history of George Washington with the integration of art. Included in this presentation will be a lesson plan to take as well as information about the George Washington’s Teacher Institute at Mount Vernon.